Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Should I Go For Smile Designing?

‘A Smile Says it All!’

Isn’t that really true? Your smile has the power to convey countless emotions in a blink of the eye!
Have you come across those moments when you want to smile but you hold back yourself because you feel that your smile is not good enough? Lucky if you didn’t. But for all those who have experienced the same at some or the other point of time, Smile Designing can bring you a new ray of hope!

Smile designing or Smile Makeover is a combination of cosmetic dental procedures like dental laminates, composite bonding, teeth whitening, contouring of teeth and gums etc. that aim at crafting an artistic natural smile. While customizing a unique smile design for you the cosmetic dental specialist takes into consideration the following aspects of your teeth-
  • Tooth color
  • Length and width
  • Shape
  • Tooth display (what apart of the teeth can be seen when you smile)
Apart from the dental characteristics, other components such as your facial appearance, hair color, skin tone, gums and lips are also considered during the process of designing so that the new smile blends with your personality and doesn’t appear unrealistic.

Should I go for Smile Designing?

Firstly, you need to figure out the exact problem with your smile. This simple Smile Assessment will help you zero in the true cause-
  • Are you embarrassed by the unpleasant gaps between your teeth? 
  • Is it the shape of your teeth that bothers you the most?  
  • Have your pearly whites gone dull and yellow?
  • Do you have missing teeth you want replaced?
  • Does your smile display too much of your gums?

These are the common esthetic flaws one can face while smiling. If you feel that you have any one of the above mentioned problems then, YES, you should consider consulting an experienced and expert Smile Designer!

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