Saturday, 7 April 2018

Invisible Aligners Braces Cost in Hyderabad, India

Invisible Aligners Braces Cost in Hyderabad, India

Clear Aligners are a series of custom made plastic aligners created based on the digital models made from the impression or a scan from the teeth.

There are a few points each person needs to know about thesekinds of aligners:

  • The names of the aligners like Invisalign, Clear path etc are just brand names. These aligners are all based on the simulated tooth movements and providing a gradual series of correction in order to achieve the full alignment.
  • These aligners are removable and hence tooth movement will be achieved only by full time use of aligners.
  • At the start of the treatment since the models will be sent to USA/ Dubai there is around 4-6 weeks waiting period until you receive your aligners.
  • There are certain movements that cannot be achieved by the clear aligners however they are the best options for some other circumstances.
  • With these advantages the aligners are best suited for page 3 people, celebrities or patients with aesthetic concern.

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